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Is dedicated to bringing pertinent information and new patterns to you. We look at the growing popularity of knitting cloths in all age groups and knitting backgrounds. Our goal is to offer all knitters patterns to learn new techniques, hone skills and enjoy knitting.

Our Editorial Mission is to present data that will inform, inspire and expand your creativity. We are devoted to those that create cloths and other home accessories. The industry is growing each day, we need to keep you up to date on new fibers, yarns, tools, trends and techniques available to you, the knitter.

arch 2007
In Celebration of St. Patrick's Day we are knitting Irish...Arans, Fisherman, Irish Lace, Celtic Knots and Clovers! This month's features include:

Have a Ball!
Yarn Reviews and Comparisons
The industry is excited about "eco-friendly" yarns and so are we! Eco- friendly means yarns that come from sources that are bi -products of food or agriculture waste or "green" to the environment .

In the next few months we will explore Soy Yarns made from bi product of tofu! Hemp, Linen, Organic Cotton and more!

We will have yarn reviews, swatches, wash test results and more information and sources.

Are you in search of colors in cotton? There are a few companies producing various weights of cotton yarn grown here in the United States with a color pallette that Kaffe Fasset would turn green with envy!

New Stitches 2 Master
Each month we will explore new techniques & stitches

Many ask what I- cord stands for , stands for "Idiot Cord" I am not sure why it was called that for I think it is versatile, has many end uses like handles and ties , and it creates textural effects. It is fast, easy once you know the technique.

Remember the knitting knobbies we had as kids? Mine was a carved fish painted bright colors, and I made yards and yards of cording in various color combos. I used the cording to wrap presents but beyond that it was just fun to do. Wish I still had that fishie, it might be packed away in one of many boxes of knit stuff in Mom's garage!

This month we use the I-cord in our shamrock mug rug, the clover eyelet accent ensemble and Celtic knot cloth and scrubber. In future issues we will use the I-cord to finish pillow edgings, create flowers, felted bag handles and more.

How 2 Stash Your Knit Stuff
Stuff Knitters Want and Gotta Have!

Where and how we store our precious stuff can be interesting, clever and hysterical to others.

Some try to hide their stash from spouses or cats! Garbage bags of yarn in the attic, no insulation needed! Storage in car trunks,under sofas and beds...have we heard it all??

How do you stash your knit stuff? Inquiring minds want to know!

Send us your tips on managing, controlling, storing and hiding your Stash!
Email us at: Subject: Stash
Cannot wait to hear more stories, tips and how you keep the stuff knitters want and gotta have!

Next Month: Your favorite Knitting bag, Needle case and what is in your knitting bag!! Send us pictures, comments and we will post them here! Learn how to make needle cases that are felted or made from a quilted place mat.

Trends for Spring & Summer 2007
Texture Color and Eco-Friendly
Interesting yarns in hemp, hemp blends, linen soy, bamboo and cotton are available to knitters. Hemp is a great fiber for wash and dishcloths for it is antimicrobial- meaning germs don't stay on the fiber, it is durable takes a tough scrubbing and washing and still looks good, comes in many colors and is versatile in many weights.
Colors are in ranges from city industrial greys to shabby chic pastels to Tuscan sunset rich colors... You can change home furnishings by adding colors in small accents. pillows, afghans, bath ensembles and more!
Texture Texture Texture, from linens to chenilles, texture from stitches or yarn make a statement. With new yarns on the market that look and feel like suede to old standards of starched linens.
There is a yarn out there to fit the mode u want to achieve. Check out Have a Ball! Yarn comparisons and see what you can achieve in yarn.

Got ?'s We Got Answers!

Answers to readers questions

Q: Can I use acrylic for washcloths?

A: Acrylic is best suited for hot pads, tea cozies, things that you do not want to wash with or wick moisture. Cotton, Linen, Hemp and even Bamboo are great for cloths & towels. Learn about these fibers in the next few issues.

In Season Patterns
Celebrating Irish Knits this Month

Celtic Knots are created with I-Cords, see "New Stitches 2 Master "tutorial article in this issue.

Fisherman sweaters depict daily work and home life in patterns from various clans. We feature several clan patterns from the Aran Islands and Whitby textures.

Irish Lace is delicate and known for "ring patterns" scarves so thin and delicate you can pass a scarf through a wedding ring! We aren't knitting with that fine of a yarn but using some traditional patterns to County Cork and the Hills and Dales of Ireland.

Not Just Skrap Kloths!
Make room for more yarn- use up odds and ends

Learn how to use scraps of yarn to create "two-color" designs and textures. Create cloths, scrubbers, pillows and other home items using these techniques. 2 monthly patterns. We will do skrap skeins, entrelac, log cabin and garter miter squares, slip stitch two color patterns and more! skrap our yarns into something for the home or gift.

Just 1 More Row Recipes ™
This Month: Celebrating Foods of Ireland

We are always searching for ways to have more time to knit, here is one delicious way to achieve that goal!

Tried and true recipes from readers and my collection of recipes from around the world will be featured.

Have a recipe that is fast to prepare? Uses a crock pot or stove top method that allows you to knit and cook? Send us your recipes, stories and how you serve your family delicious meals and still knit!

Knit Lit

Book reviews of fiction, technical and books of interest!

Submission Guidelines:
Find information regarding article,story or poem, design submits here:

In Every Issue:
  • K1,Purl Fun™ Patterns using two stitches Knit and Purl to create allover textures, spot designs and more! 2 monthly patterns
  • New Stitches 2 Master - Learn new stitches and techniques. Take the mystery out of what cast on to use, what an I-cord is and how to create lace, cables, slip stitches and more!
  • Not Just Skrap Kloths ! Learn how to use the scrap yarns to create "two-color" designs and textures. Create cloths, scrubbers, pillows and other home items using these techniques. 2 monthly patterns
  • In Season- More monthly patterns for items in the season. Knit a Father's day bath ensemble, Mother's Day Floral Fantasy or a Patriotic Tablescape. Each month will feature these patterns designed exclusively for this magazine. You will not find these patterns anywhere.

Other Features include:

  • To DYE for! Bought yarn on sale that isn't the color you want? Too much white in your stash? We will show you how to over-dye natural fibers, ikat , space and variegated looks, tie dye and hand paint your yarns. We will give supply lists and where to find them online or at your local grocery or craft store.
  • Blogs and Websites of free patterns.
  • Monthly featured designers from the industry and some new designers making their debut.
  • Much Much More in each issue.

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